Building Contractor’s Documentary Protocols For Pinellas County, Florida

(***Note: The Following is Not intended to be exhaustive but serves as a Guide. You are encouraged to contact Us or your local building services department if you have questions or would like our assistance)


Building Permits And Notice Of Commencement Considerations:

Below Is An Informational Outlining The Stages And Necessary Components For Obtaining A Building Permit.

First Things First:

Although Pulling a Permit Does Not Initially Require A Notice Of Commencement (NOC), Obtaining the Required Building Department Inspections Certainly Will.

The Simple Truth? Without Your NOC, No Inspections Will Be Performed and You Could Be Required to Completely Dismantle The Project in Order to Reconstruct a Second Time Under The Scrutiny of The Building Department’s Inspection Process.

This Technical Requirement Is In Place For The Protection Of Your Property Interest, As Well, The Long Term Safety Of The Development, By Ensuring Such Projects Are Performed By Licensed Professional Who Comply With The Latest Promulgation Of Codes And Regulation Requirements.

The Best Strategy Is To Have Your NOC Filled Out Correctly And Accurately, Then Filed With The County Clerk  Of Court Early In The Process So You Don’t Forget This Critical Component Which Legitimizes Your Development.

Before Your Building Permit Is Acquired, You Will Need To Gather Some Vital Information Regarding The Property Intended For The Development. Below Is a List of The Information You Will Need to Fill Out and File A NOC, and Some Helpful Links To Make Your Vision Become A Reality.

(***The Reader Is Reminded: This Information Is Not Meant To Be An Exhaustive Source, Nor To Serve As A Legal Advice, But  Serves As A General Guide To Light The Torch Of Awareness In These Matters).
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Things You Should Consider When Filing For A Building Permit Within Pinellas County, Florida (Unincorporated Tax District):

(***Note: The necessary property information required can be found by entering the property address into the County Property Appraisers website database for the specific county in which the work is to be performed. King Enterprises Group Welcomes Assisting You ).


Pinellas County Checklists For Building Contractors:


  • Sub-Contractor List – Contractor must provide a list of the major trade sub-contractors for a job. Submittal of this form to BDRS by the primary contractor and processing of the form is a pre-requisite for activating and allowing inspections for those trades.


Documentary Protocols For Building Contractors:


Building Permit Forms That Are Required, Or Online Permitting on Accela


  • Architect/Engineer Inspection – Procedures for the Architects and Engineers Inspection program to perform building inspections in lieu of BDRS inspectors.
  • Notice of Commencement (N.O.C.) – Notice that improvements will be made to certain real property. When this form is required, the form needs to be recorded with the Clerk of the Court and then submitted to BDRS before any inspections can be scheduled.
  • Owners Refusal Letter – Used to administratively release a contractor from a permit when a homeowner refuses access for a final inspection.
  • Re-Roofing Affidavit – Used by contractor to report fastening of roof deck and secondary water barrier installation.
  • Substantial Improvement Cost Breakdown – An itemized list of construction costs. It is used as a tool to help evaluate proposed construction to an existing building which does not comply with flood zone regulations.
  • Substantial Improvement Disclosure Form – An affidavit signed by the Owner and Contractor acknowledging their responsibilities and limitations regarding the proposed construction to an existing building which does not comply with flood zone regulations.
  • Temporary Power – Pre-Power and TUG Inspections -This is only for residential construction. TUG is a temporary underground service that uses the partially completed service panel in the home instead of a saw pole during construction. Pre-power allows energizing an almost completed home for a short time period in order to do things to finish a home such as turn on the a/c to finish wood floors or turn provide power to the pool pump once marcite is installed.
  • Tub Inspection Letter – A letter from the prime contractor that access has been provided to the concealed equipment for a roman style tub.


Contingency Requests Forms:

  • Permit Extension – Used to extend a permit and can only be used before the permit expires and it goes to Abandon status.